Thursday, October 12, 2017

Early October Eye Candy...

~Greetings and Warm Welcome Friends~
my hands have been busy the last 13 days, so I thought I'd share my work for my clients...
I will let the pictures do the talking.

Abby Rose Designs
BP_Abby Rose Designs Share the Joy of Christmas

Abby Rose Designs
BP_Abby Rose Designs_Believe inthe Magic of Christmas

Abby Rose Designs
BP_Abby Rose Designs_Christmas in my Heart

Shepherd's Bush ~ Merry and Bright
KD_Shepherds Bush  _ Good Cheer

Summer House Stitcheworkes ~ Pin Money Pocket
KD_Summer House Stitche Workes_Pin Money Pocket

Twisted Oaks ~ House Mouse
KD_Twisted Oaks_The Little House Mouse

Unknown Designer/Design
IB_Basket of fruit

Small Town Stitcher ~ Noel 

The Prairie Schooler
IB_The Prairie Schooler Santa Rides

Blackbird Designs ~ Sewing Bird Pocket
MB_Blackbird Designs Sewing Bird Pocket

Country Cottage Needleworks ~ Merry and Bright
TL_Country Cottage Needleworks Be Merry and Bright

Ink Circles ~ Bones and Bats
SR_Ink Circles_Wings and Things

Prairie Schooler ~ Witch Card
TJ_Prarie Schooler Whoo's There

July and September 2002 For The Love of Cross Stitch Magazines ~ Diane Williams ~ The Christmas Story Part 1 & 2
AB_Diane Williams_The Christmas Story

With Thy Needle and Thread ~ Summer School Lessons ~ Summer Abecedarian
CS_WTNT Summer School Abecedarian

The Prairie Schooler ~ Two Deer 
SD_ Prairie Schooler_Two Deer

The Prairie Schooler ~ 1992 Santa
SD_PS Santa

Blackbird Designs ~ Fairy Garden
PG_BBD Fairy Garden

Blackbird Designs ~ Stitcher's Companion from Honeysuckle Manor Leaflet
PG_BBD Honeysuckle Manor Stitcher's Companion

Blackbird Designs ~ How Does Your Lily Grow?
PG_BBD How Does the Lily Grow

Blackbird Designs ~  Sweet Home
PG_BBD Sweet Home

Blackbird Designs ~ Tulip and Lily
PG_BBD Tulip and Lily

Blackbird Designs ~ Honey Bee
PG_Honey Bee

The Prairie Schooler ~ 2015 Santa
IC_PS Santa

Lizzie Kate ~ Noel from Holly & Hearts Series

Lizzie Kate ~ Sleigh from Holly & Hearts Series
MJS_LK Sleigh

MJS_Red Monochrome

Until next time....
I'll be putting my hands to work and my heart to God.
Hugs and Love in stitches, 
Vonna xxx

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Pumpkins for Sale.....

~ Welcome Friends ~
I hope this finds you all well

I have a finish to share with you...
last evening, I stayed up, waaaayyyy past my bedtime in order to finish this piece:

"Pumpkins 4 Sale"
by Little House Needleworks
LHN Pumpkins 4 Sale completed
FABRIC: Hand-dyed by myself using RIT liquid Dark Brown dye
All of RIT dyes have different colors that will come out over time when dyeing. 
I've come to know through trial and error, the colors that I use what I think will look good. This one, I wanted a deep dark brown - all over. So I wet my fabric (28 ct. MCG textiles evenweave), wadded it up, and threw it in a plastic ice cream bucket and forgot about it (literally - forgot I was dyeing it until I found it again later in the day) It sat in the bucket for 8 hours. I rinsed it until it water ran clear and then heat set it. And it turned out spectacularly! All over deep, dark brown with hints of lighter tans and purples run throughout. There is a light vein mottle to the fabric. Honestly, it's a stunning piece and considering that I forgot about it...well that's just the icing on the cake. Honestly I can say, I have found with dyeing the less you mess with it, the better it turns out. I was pleased with this hands off batch :)

3046 - used for Letters ONLY
640 - mouse and sale sign
760 - mouse nose
3855 - flowers on vine and flower centers
3865 - checker board/white K pumpkin/white scattered flowers
3371 - mouse eyes/whiskers/writing on sign

Classic Colorworks:
Pumpkin Harvest used for P P N pumpkins
Colonial Copper used for U M K S pumpkins
Bramble Bush used for checkerboard and pumpkin stems
Brown Hen was the Framework holding the vine

This morning after Mass...
we came home, had our traditional Sunday Daddy Cooks breakfast feast and then I retired to the finishing cave...where I made up the final form that I had pictured in my eye:

~A Drum Pinkeep~
Little House Pumpkins 4 sale collage Little House Needleworks Pumpkins 4 Sale

The little pumpkin on top, I made myself with Week's Dye Works Wool...
It turned out just like I had envisioned, however, I'm going to be honest, I'm not certain I'm in love with the drum pinkeep finish, but at least it is original in design and mine ~ I haven't seen any Pumpkins 4 Sale made into drum pinkeeps

It does look cute where I have it sitting in my living room and Keith stopped and said: "That's cute....did you buy that little pumpkin from Michael's?" 
I told him to smack his mouth...I made it myself and he goes: "REALLY? you did?!"
Does he not know who he's living with? Men.

All in all, I'm pleased with the construction, I think it is a smooth finish and well executed.
It may grow on me.

Until the next time...
it's Sunday and I'm going to have the day as a ME day (rare for me) and I'm going to work on a Sampler for Sunday!

Have a fabulous week ahead!

Until we meet again...
I'll be praying devotedly over all the names in my prayer journal (if you have requests please message/email me) and praying for our country and the people living here and all over the world.
Peace. We need some peace.

Hugs and love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx

Tuesday, October 03, 2017


~ Greetings to my Friends ~ 
and warm Welcome!

It's been a very busy ten days....
I am the bereavement committee at my church, and I had a lot on my plate with planning and executing Anna's funeral luncheon last week. The drawback about a funeral is: you can't plan them, so once they come it is a all in push until you come out the other side.
Since I was a very close, personal friend of Anna, I wanted to make sure I did her funeral meal up the way it should be done. Of course I do that with every funeral luncheon, but this one was close to home and personal. I am happy to say, that there were many donations from our parish family, the meal I cooked at church for the luncheon was delicious and well received and we had very little left overs.
That is always my goal for each funeral luncheon: have plenty, yet few leftovers. Typically the family doesn't want the food to take home, some do, and of course I always ask...but many refuse the offer. I volunteer weekly at the Community Kitchen/Homeless Shelter, so I typically took the leftovers there. Unfortunately they do not take them anymore due to health regulations. Therefore, I try to only fix what I hope will be needed with very little excess. Luckily, our parish is a vibrant community and there are always weekly meals and anything I have left over I box up and save for these weekly meeting meals. It all works out in the end.

I also am a volunteer choir member at our church...
I mainly sing funeral Masses, holiday Masses and a rare few regular weekend Masses. I would sing more weekend Masses, however my boys are Alter Servers and I am a Lector and Eucharistic Minister on Sunday's Sunrise Mass each weekend, so we attend that service. Early Mass is a contemplative, silent Mass, with only chant and no singing. So in continuing my story, I sang Anna's funeral Mass on Tuesday (very hard as I was upset) and then on Saturday evening Mass, I was asked to fill in rounding out a trio of voices. I love to sing, and the Lord blessed me with a beautiful singing voice, so I try to volunteer to sing as much as possible. It brings me joy! And also a super great feeling when I have people hug and ask me to "please come back next week"  :)

My Family Updates....
I haven't shared very much about my kids recently so I will quickly catch you up.

Today was picture day for my sweet Ellie Eileen, who is in the 6th grade.
Ellie 6th grade

Jake ran his last Cross Country race ending a 7 year running career and leaving his senior season on a high note. So very proud of him!

Ian has developed knee problems (sort of bad ones) he was encouraged to stop running and he has joined the Robotics Team at his High School. He is heavily involved building robots and stays every night after school to work on them. He was a little upset that he had to stop running, so I am happy that he has embraced robotics. Sometime life throws you lemons, I'm proud of his switch mid-stream and rolling with the punches. Here is is after one 16 hour work day at a local festival showing off his robots with his team mates.


Speaking of proud...
both of my boys work 20+ hours per week at Kroger, while carrying extra-curriculars and AP coursework. They maintain high gpa grade cards. Their Daddy and I are so proud of their work ethic. They will shine like their sister next year in college.

And...speaking of their sister...
Katie is shining once again in college. She was in charge of the Engineering and Technology School's Regatta Cardboard Boat race at Regatta this year. It was lots of work, she nearly burned herself out, but here she is on the day of Regatta all smiles and happy the cardboard boat race was OVER by this time :)

Here she was in the Women in Engineering boat, rowing for the team.

She was asked by the Dean of the School of Engineering and Technology to go to the Women in Engineering Annual Conference to represent IUPUI and the Engineering Program targeting women. How can she pass that up? She can't so... we bought her a plane ticket and she will be on her way soon :) May God bless, guide and protect her journey. 
She's a marvel!

Now that catches you up with my precious let's talk stitching!

Saturday night I went to bed to wake up to...
Miss October jumping out of the basket and Miss September hobbling to the end of the line for her well deserved rest ;)
October Calendar Girl
Little House Needleworks 
"Calendar Girls" Series

And I'm working on:
"Pumpkins 4 Sale"
by Little House Needleworks
Pumpkins for sale

I'm stitching this on a 30 ct. hand-dyed Vonna Special
I dyed this piece of fabric with this specific color in mind. It turned out pretty spectacular if I do say so myself. I have changed almost all (if not all) of the colors to my own choices. I am using Classic Colorworks and a couple of DMC choices. I am thrilled with how this is working up and I have what I hope is a fantastic finish in mind already. We will see how it works out. You'll be the first to know :)

So with those updates...
that does it for me for awhile!
I thank you for visiting with me and sharing my joy!

Until next time...
I want  you to know, I was called out for not attending to my own "rules" that I write here at the bottom of my blog posts, so I'd like to say:
I write these reminders at the bottom of my blog posts to remind myself (and my readers) of common practices to make myself a good neighbor. Am I perfect? NO! Far, far, far from it. I get up every morning and my prayer is that I love my neighbor as myself each and every day. That's hard. Really hard, because I am going to be honest, I don't like all of my neighbors, I think it is a rare person that does, and to love them? Yowza. 
So when I write these little one liners its written more for me than it is for you...although advice I think is well worth reading... no matter who you are.
 I try. Every day. I affirm to myself every day that I will be better, I will be stronger, I will be happier than the day before. Do I make that resolution every day? NOPE. But I reaffirm and redirect myself every day. YES, YES I DO. I have so many faults, and I'll be happy to share them all with you, just like I share them to my God in my confessions...
I exaggerate the truth, I'm unkind, I don't work hard enough, I use bad language, I have a hardened heart about certain things, I'm prideful, I'm a glutton of food and wasteful of time at times, I neglect daily prayer on some days and don't make enough time for God, I'm not the best mother, nor the best wife I can be at times to my family and believe me my children and especially my husband deserves THE best. I fail. I fail on all accounts. I'm human and I fail. 

So....please make no mistake...
I'm writing this TO ME and TO YOU
be kind...there is far to many unkind people in the world.
use words constructively to build up....there are far to many tearing down.
don't judge (another hard one)...there's plenty of judging going on at all levels.
Smile...because when you smile, your heart smiles and your whole disposition changes. 
Try it...
I am...
BE the change.

Hugs in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx

Saturday, September 30, 2017

How about some eye candy....

~ Greetings Friends ~
one thing that gets me all excited and revved up about stitching is viewing some projects...
how about you?

Here is the last 2 weeks of finishing I have had fly out of my cave :)
Makes me want to stitch 24/7

The Drawn Thread: Joy
JS_Drawn Thread JOY

Little House Needleworks ~ Old Glory
JS_LHN Old Glory

Lizzie Kate: Noel 
JS_LK Noel Limited Edition

Lizzie Kate ~ Sampler Stocking
JS_LK Sampler Stockings

Prairie Schooler ~ Santas
CC_PS Santa Ornaments

Lizzie Kate: A Little Thankful
JH_Lizzie Kate_A Little Thankful

Lizzie Kate: Be Kind
JH_Lizzie Kate_Be Silly

Shepherd's Bush ~ Merry Little Christmas
JH_Shepherds Bush_Merry Little Christmas

Threadwork Primitives ~ Merry Christmas
JH_Threadwork Prims_Merry Christmas Flatfold

Homespun Elegance ~ Merry Stitches
JH_Homespun Elegance_Merry Stitches

JBW ~ Jolly St. Nick finished onto placemat for Santa Note, Cookies in middle and reindeer carrot treat pocket
JH_JBW Designs_St. Nick

Shepherds Bush ~ St. Patrick's Day Triffles
JH_Shepherds Bush St. Pat's Triffles

Threadwork Primitives ~ Merry Christmas
JH_Threadwork Primitives_Merry Christmas

The Prairie Schooler ~ Midnight Ride
JK_Prairie Schooler_Merry Christmas to All

Cross Stitch and Country Crafts ~ The Music Room Stocking
DM_CSCC Music Room Stocking

Priscilla's Pocket ~ Stoneware Pin Pillows
SB_Priscilla's Pocket Stoneware Pin PIllows

Little House Needleworks ~ Hometown Holidays Grandma's House
KB_Little House Needleworks_Grandmother's House

Brooke's Books ~ Grumpy Kitty
DW_BB Grumpy Cat

Homespun Elegance ~ St. Nicholas
DW_HSE Olde St. Nick

Little House Needlworks ~ With Liberty and Justice
DW_LHN Liberty and Justice For All

Little House Needleworks ~ Old Glory
DW_LHN Old Glory

Lizzie Kate ~ Tiny Tidings X
DW_LK Jingle Cat

Lizzie Kate ~ Tiny Tidings X

Lizzie Kate ~ Tiny Tidings X
DW_LK Mistletoad

Stitches of Olde ~ Santa Sleigh
DW_Stitches of Olde_Santa Sleigh Sampler

With Thy Needle and Thread ~ December Word Play
DW_WTNT December Word Play

whew! and leaving the cave TODAY:

The Scarlett House ~ Button Eyed Cat
CK_The Scarlett House_Button Eyed Cat

and that folks...isn't the tip of the iceburg...
I have SO MUCH more in the wings waiting!

Until next time...
I'll be working...real hard to do my very best in life, because I am blessed beyond words.
And I have a lot of people counting on me, not to mention I have endless friends who love and support me. 

Thank you.

Hugs in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx